I grew up in a family of artists & craftsmen. I have always been encouraged to be both creative & visually expressive. My Mother is a potter & an elementary school art teacher. My father is a builder of post & beam buildings as well as a stone mason. The majority of my technical talents came from the influence of my stepfather who was an electrical engineer as well as an accomplished coder. This eclectic mix of influences really explains both my creative and technical abilities.

My formal education is as unique as most of my life experiences. Upon graduating high school, I enrolled in college, intent on studying communications, advertising and marketing. But, I would not embark on a traditional four-year path. I would study for a semester at a time at several colleges throughout New England, trying to manage the financial burden of higher education and my own desires to explore life outside of the classroom. Over the course of several years, I traveled throughout the United States enjoying many rewarding experiences. I was always on the move, but one thing remained constant – my interest in communications, marketing and advertising.

Four years after my last attempt at academics, I enrolled at North Adams State. It was there in the Berkshires of western Massachusetts, where my academic and intellectual life would permanently change, thanks to a required introductory philosophy course. Suddenly, I began, to borrow from Apple, to think different. Stimulated to imagine new possibilities, I did just that, and fell in love – with web and graphic design. My fascination with emerging technology & the limitless potential of the web led me in a new direction. I knew that I wanted to be a designer. I enrolled in every design course offered, and once I had exhausted those classes at North Adams State, I moved on to Bradford College to take advantage of their outstanding design program and pursue my dream.

I graduated in midst of the .COM boom. I spent the summer traveling in Europe & starting my search for the right design firm to start my professional career at. I started at a small web firm in southern New Hampshire where I learned the ins and outs of emerging technologies, design techniques, office politics, & client relations. Throughout the next year I honed my skills creating websites & corporate identities for medium to large businesses until the web industry came to a halt…

In 2002 made a decision to formally follow another dream, building custom cars. A hobby that I have followed over 20 years.  Automobiles the materials, lines, & the textures allowed me to express myself in yet another way. I have designed & created dozens of custom cars. It has added a lot of depth & has influenced my web & graphic design in many ways. I have since become the co-founder of Status Gruppe Manufacturing INC. Where I do rearch and develop of performance car parts for the European Automotive Market.

2013 finds me still in love with design, industrial, graphic, web, as well cars &  motorcycles. I look forward to the challenges that both new & existing clients bring me in the coming year. I look forward to working with some great designers I often collaborate with and the challenging projects they bring to the table.

2014 brought new challenges for my wife and I, but so many more rewards. In the fall came our  beautiful little boy. I hope to share all my passions with this amazing little man. Introduce him to color, art, design, cars, and all that I have to offer him. I look forward to our family adventure.

Feel free to contact me at any time my bold & experienced design concepts will be ready to bring your company to another level.